Commercial property and leasing

If you are looking to buy or lease commercial property, taking the right advice can be crucial. Getting your business into the right location quickly and efficiently may well be the difference between business success and failure. We will handle the legal aspects of the property transaction to let you concentrate on managing your business.

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In the main, the legal process of buying or leasing a commercial property is the same as buying or leasing a residential property. We can advise on:

  • Buying a property for an existing business
  • Investing in commercial property
  • Selling commercial property

We have experience of conducting transactions for a wide range of businesses and for a wide range of premises including shops, licensed premises, cafes and may other types of business.

We offer advice on all aspects of the acquiring commercial property including the purchase and sale of business premises, commercial mortgages, rent review and negotiation, licensing matters, termination, extension and negotiation of leases.

Commercial Leases

Commercial leasing law is a complex area of law, and commercial leases are themselves complex documents. In Scotland, there is little statutory regulation of commercial leases. Leases are governed by the terms of the lease itself with reference to a dense body of complex case law.

As such, it’s important that a lease is clearly drafted from the outset and that it’s terms are acceptable to you. It’s important to take advice from an experienced commercial leases lawyer before entering into a lease to avoid costly mistakes. The lease should contain clauses specifying the rent, the frequency of rent review (including specifying that the rent can be reduced as well as increased!) and accurate specification of what the property is to be used for among other things.

If you are looking to lease a premises for business, or you are a landlord who wishes to lease out their business premises, we can help.

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